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How does the conscious mind Work

So… How does the Conscious Mind Work? I guess it depends on what you want it to work for… In this case we’ll talk about it as working as the gatekeeper for the subconscious mind. The way the Conscious Mind works is that with our conscious mind we are able to think in the past, […]

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11 Conscious Mind Quotes – To Inspire

These are fantastic Conscious Mind Quotes from people that I admire and respect. I try my best to showcase credible people in many different walks of life and fields to showcase that this way of thinking is vast. I hear the word “Airy Fairy” a lot when people talk about the subject of the mind, […]

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Conscious Mind Definition – How a Definition can change Your Life

The Conscious Mind Definition – the way that each individual sees the world. We each as individuals have a different perspective of the world. Why are some of us Positive people, while others are negative? It’s our perspective, our beliefs and our values. Genetics and DNA only go so far – a lot of us […]

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