How does the conscious mind Work

How_Does_A_Conscious_Mind_WorkSo… How does the Conscious Mind Work?

I guess it depends on what you want it to work for… In this case we’ll talk about it as working as the gatekeeper for the subconscious mind.

The way the Conscious Mind works is that with our conscious mind we are able to think in the past, the present, and the future. The choice is ours although many of us have programmed to react in the present to our surroundings. We react, its not a conscious creation, it’s a programmed outcome.

We allow ourselves to be at the mercy of any circumstances that come before us. We are bombarded everyday by outside influences: Movies, TV, The News, The Paper, Family, Friends, Strangers, Thoughts and absolutely everything in between.

Q: How does the Conscious Mind Work? A: The Way you want it to.

The problem is that in today’s day and age – we have become overloaded, overwhelmed. And for most this has become a state of Stress, Anxiety and Fear.

The more that we are hit with these realities of life, the more ingrained it becomes in our subconscious minds. It has always been this way – for every generation throughout time. We have all had our burden to bare so to speak… The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Consciousness is the thought that we have in our mind at any given moment. Now this can be a thought that we have focused into our mind. Or this can be a thought forced on us by outside influenced, like the ones above.

How often are you dealing in your Conscious Mind? Honestly how often are you consciously in control of the thoughts that are running through your mind?

Day Dreams, Worries, Anxieties, Sex, Fear, Something somebody said to you, even driving your car…

With the amount of time, when we honestly give it some thought, that we spend in control of our Conscious Mind really is a very very short amount of time. And we’re usually not even in control of these thoughts that we’re having.

This is a very scary thing if you want to consciously create your life.

You may start out with the best intentions to change, full of will power and purpose – but then those thoughts, that will escapes you, and for some reason that you can’t explain you just don’t know why you can’t keep those thoughts in your mind…

So How does the conscious mind work – how does your conscious mind work? It works like a Dog. It works like an over taxed secretary working for a sadist boss that never lets up, always throwing more at you and expecting you to manage.

That is, unless you have a plan, a purpose, a target – with the ability to keep this always in focus in your conscious mind.

Instead of the Secretary the Conscious Mind has to become the CEO, a CEO with the gift to communicate and listen. With the ability to listen and to take stock in what is important to all parties, so all are fulfilled.

If you want to train your Subconscious to do your bidding – you have to re-program it to do your bidding.

That takes training, training of the Conscious Mind to step up and become the CEO. To Step up and learn to say no to the outside influences that are always asking for it’s time, the same outside influences that are always bombarding it with messages to serve their own agenda.

The Conscious mind has to be the boss, learn to say no, learn to say back off – that what you are saying, showing, screaming, or crying to me does not serve me or my greater purpose, and begin to focus at the task at hand. What is that Task…? Well that’s the fun of it. That’s the Dream…. That’s Consciously Creating Your Life.

So are you the Secretary or the CEO?