Mind Over Body Healing

Mind over Body Healing – I have always been a proponent of natural medicine, and have had my skepticism of modern medicine well before I ever got into the study of the mind… That being said I would never tell, or recommend, to anyone to forgo the experience of a professional medical practitioner. I only share the following as supplementary information…

And there are 2 great Videos below…

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” – Buddha

There is no questioning that the mind is a powerful thing. I don’t think that anyone can say that we truly understand what the Human mind is capable of achieving… because nobody knows – is it the final frontier? I always fall back on the great quote by Socrates:

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”. – Socrates

It is amazing the stance that people take in the beliefs of one another. Forcing their beliefs as truth, and if an alternative is presented you would swear to some people’s response that it’s taken as an assault.

I love to remind people that we all used to believe that the World was flat not all that too long ago…

Now I have my own intuitive beliefs, as well as beliefs that I have achieved through experience – and they are that the mind is a powerful thing when it comes to the body – you can find out more in Manifester’s Mindset.

I will say this as well: Sometimes your body will tell you if you are not doing what you’re meant to be doing… (I was extremely happy to here Dr. Lisa Rankin touch on this in her video below).

“I admit thoughts influence the body.” – Albert Einstein

I am not going to make any claims, I’m going to rely on the professionals for this – so I’ve included 2 videos below that are definitely worth a view – by 2 individuals that are way more qualified, than myself, to speak on the topic and they both have Phd’s in modern medicine.

I will say this – that Professional Athletes, many Olympians included, throughout history use visualization and other mental techniques to achieve success.

The Placebo effect is another that has had proven results. Again I will rely on the professionals – here is a link that has many references, and citations, to it’s body of work: The Placebo Effect the Triumph of Mind over Body

 Check out these 2 Videos – And please leave your comments below on this, please:

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body – as Presented in this Video by Dr. David Hamilton:

Here is a citation for the Piano Study that Dr. David Hamilton referred to in his Video.


“Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself” – as Presented by Dr. Lissa Rankin at Talks to Google: