Mind Over Body Techniques – Documentary

Are you open to the possibilities of the Mind? Here is a Video about healing, and Chi – the natural energy that we are said to all possess.


And for the Record – It really doesn’t have anything to do with the guy levitating.

This is a professionally done documentary on Energy and Healing. The Video begins at 25 Seconds in (if you want to save yourself 25 seconds).

The Power of the Mind Over the Body:

Start 25 Seconds in if you like.

The concept of Chi is found throughout the world throughout time, and goes by many different names and practices (and is of many Mind Over Body Techniques – but does encompass all of them – so it’s a good place to start):

  • Chi, qi (Chinese)
  • Lung (Tibet)
  • Ruah (Hebrew)
  • Vital Energy (West)
  • Hado (Japanese)
  • Prana (Hindu)
  • Pneuma (Ancient Greece)
  • Mana (Hawaiian)
  • The Force (Star Wars) – I’m not a big fan of Star-wars for the record… but had to list it.

For a Wikipedia definition on Chi – Read on in Wikipedia – Qi.