Positive Thinking Techniques

There are many, many reasons to actively practice Positive Thinking Techniques. For one, it creates positive emotions, and emotions are the language to the subconscious mind.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Gustav Jung

Wouldn’t the world be a great place if we all had positive thoughts, all of the time! But… at this time it’s not the case, each of us seem to have burdens that we carry with us, and quite often it’s these burdens of the mind that create our thinking and our outlook. Be it our Childhood, our family, our current or past financial situation… many, many things…

So how do we look past this? How do we create a Positive mind and therefore a positive existence?

Our perception of things create the way we see and view situations and people. I used to have a hard time with people and their seeming judgement and outlooks if they weren’t close to what I thought or believed. Like their opinions were going to detriment my growth, or put an obstacle in my path to where I was going or what I wanted to achieve. And to be completely honest with you they did – but only because that’s what I expected they would do…

It’s not until I changed my thinking. I started to forgive myself first of all. I pictured myself as a child, and I went through some of the experiences that seemingly formed me as an adult, that programmed some of my beliefs, beliefs that I was not happy to have. I saw myself as a child and let myself off the hook for this thinking, because… How did I know any better?

Then I empowered myself with the power of an adult. Visualization is a fantastic technique. I pictured how I would have dealt with that child, how would I have dealt with me. Whether it was in that moment, or after the fact, how would I have spoke to that child? What would I have said to myself as a child to uplift them, to make them feel better, to give them a better outlook…?

How can you blame a child for how they perceive the world – or the experiences that they have had? Really we can’t – it’s not their fault. The thing is – we were all children once…

When I realized this, and I forgave my “inner child”, and helped that little guy to have a better outlook, and let him know that it was ok, it was huge. But then something really great happened… I started seeing everyone as a child. I started to see everyone’s “inner child” – and I tried to uplift them – not in a condescending way, just in a caring way, and I actually gave a $%#@. And the more I did this, the greater my relationships became, the stronger mentally I became, and the more positive I began to think.

There is a certain connection, and commonality that exists in knowing that we were all children once.

I could have never seen this before I had children of my own. And the Man that I used to be would have never admitted this in writing, wouldn’t even have thought it – and if it did cross his mind, or learnt that it crossed the mind of another man, would have snickered and laughed.

See… there are different stages in life. That’s what growth is all about. Life’s a fantastic thing that way. And no matter where we’re at – we can always start at the beginning – we were always a child at one point – if you don’t take the time to take care of that kid, who will…

And if you have kids of your own – try your best to be a conscious parent.

Clean out your closet, forgive yourself first, then focus on the positive, focus on positive thinking techniques. And stay conscious.

Here are just a few Positive Thinking Techniques (if you are interested in going into this in further detail – be sure to check out Manifester’s Mindset): 

  • Affirmations
  • Gratitude
  • Music
  • Visualization
  • Nature
  • Write Lists – in different categories – on positive thoughts

And Stop negative thoughts in their tracks – and Make more room for the positive (take a look in our eBook for a great mental tool to stop and eliminate negative thoughts, eventually for good).

Trigger your positive Emotions.

What kind of advise would you give to a child in pain? Leave your comments below – Sharing and writing can also be a great Positive Thinking Technique – in sharing this write now I feel pretty darn good – Thanks for giving me the opportunity! (See right there… Gratitude 🙂 )

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