Subconscious vs Conscious Mind

Conscious_vs_Subconscious_MindThis Video explains the differences between the Subconscious vs Conscious Mind beautifully.

It’s just over 52 minutes, but if you ask me it’s a 52 minutes well spent. Any investment in changing your mind, to allow you to create your life is time well spent.



Program your mind or something, or someone, else will. I touched on the connection between the Conscious and Subconscious a bit in the Consciousness defined article.

I go into this in more detail as well in my eBook – Manifester’s Mindset

I just finished reading Bruce Lipton’s book – The Biology of Belief. I Love this Man – He exude’s happiness.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D – a cell Biologist, that pioneered studies at Stanford University, is turning his field on it’s head.

This is a brilliant man that has taken great risks in his career to communicate to the rest of the world what it is that he believes to be both fact, and truth.

And it resonates strongly with me.

Subconscious vs Conscious Mind – we are in control. We truly are.

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