The Power of Your subconscious Mind – Who’s in Control?

Subconscioius_Mind_PowerThe Power of Your Subconscious Mind – So exactly what sort of power do our subconscious minds hold over the outcome of our lives? And is there anything that we can do to influence it? Are we truly in control of our own lives?

Is our Subconscious mind basically how we are programmed to view, and experience our lives? If it is a program can we influence this program to experience our Dreams, to consciously create a life that we are excited to experience?

I Say Absolutely, without any Doubt, what-so-ever, yes! And the experiences that I went through to bring me to that determination nobody can take away from me or tell me otherwise.

The Subconscious doesn’t think, it doesn’t judge (unless programmed to), it doesn’t plan – it experiences, it focuses. It focuses in on, and experiences, exactly what it is that it was programmed to do. Without failure.

Only you know what your outlook on life is. And it is this outlook that determines your experiences. So how did you come about this “Outlook” – Ask yourself: where did you pick up this programming?

The True Power of your  Subconscious:

So if you can take a look at yourself in a sense of your beliefs and programming. Is your outlook correct? And when I say correct… I only mean is it correct for you? Intuitively, does it feel right to you, have you ever found yourself questioning it?

When your Subconscious is programmed to see life in a certain way – that is what it will see. That is what you will experience. Good, Bad, Ugly…

Are You Stuck? Does this Strike a Chord?:

Are you figuratively STUCK, do you want something so bad, you try with all your will, but you keep coming to the same wall over and over. You decide that there must be something that you are doing wrong, so you try a different approach – but you keep coming to the same result. More and more exhausted. There’s just something not right…Power_of_the_Subconscious_Mind

You’re fighting yourself, you’re fighting your subconscious mind. When it’s programmed into you, when it doesn’t fit with your belief system you’re dead in the water. SELF SABOTAGE – your subconscious will not allow it. Because it’s not in tune with your beliefs, it’s not in tune with your outlook.

That’s the power – it can keep you down, or it can rise you up. What’s natural to you. You can’t fight your own nature. But the beauty of being Human is that you CAN change it.

That power is yours. You own that.

You are in control of the power of your subconscious mind to focus, to experience, and to achieve whatever it is that you want to apply to your programming. There are techniques to make this happen.

Whatever you have experienced in your life, up until this date, that has programmed you to perceive your life and your abilities, that has placed those “barriers” in front of you at this time can be replaced, re-programmed.

You ever had that experience when you are talking about a certain type of car (or any other example you want to use)… and then the weirdest thin happens – you see it everywhere, it’s funny, and you laugh at the coincidence of it… but the fact is your mind has been temporarily programmed, but programmed none-the-less, to “keep an eye out” for it.

So what would happen if you could program the mind to “keep and eye out” for money opportunities, or your perfect mate, or what-ever-else it is that you want to experience in your life… and you actually had the belief in yourself that you could capitalize on those experiences when you spotted them… you expected them. When it’s programmed, when it’s truly believed, when it’s a part of you – it’s simple.

The “Haves” – The “Have Nots” – does it come down to The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – I say Yes!

What are you going to DO about it! Take the Action needed to call the shots in your own mind, and life!